26 Dwayne Johnson Pictures That Will Rock Your World

Posted on Apr 5 2015 - 10:01am by admin

There’s just something about Dwayne Johnson that is so, so swoon-worthy. Not only does he possess an almost superhuman strength (have you seen those muscles?), akiller sense of humor, and a smile that will make you melt, but he also seems like such a friendly, down-to-earth guy. Even though he’s spent the past several years gracing the big screen in Pain and Gain, Hercules, and The Fast and the Furiousfranchise, it’s his epic 17 championship reigns in WWE that have helped cement him as a sports superstar. Most recently, in October, he returned to the ring in a surprise appearance and gave his longtime fans a walk down memory lane with his old Smackdown days. Whether you prefer to call him Dwayne Johnson or The Rock, there is just no denying his hotness. Scroll through for 26 of his sexiest moments.