Presenting Your Unofficial 2015 Hot Guy Calendar

Posted on Apr 5 2015 - 10:20am by admin

Presenting Your Unofficial 2015 Hot Guy Calendar

The year 2014 was really good to us when it came to hot guys. Back in April, Pharrell Williams was on the cover of GQ, looking so dapper, adorable, and chic. Justin Theroux’s interview with Details was great, especially because he was all brooding and shirtless. And let’s not forget Liam Hemsworth’s spread in Men’s Health, which proved to us looking hot in a tank top is very, very important. But wait, there’s more! Keep reading to see more hot pictures of male celebrities from 2014, and which month of this year they’d definitely correspond with.


Come on, what better way to fight the cold than with a cozy sweater (and Chris Pratt)?


Think about it. During a chilly February blizzard, Jamie Dornan would be the perfect bubble bath partner. And the red briefs are so appropriate for Valentine’s Day.


Spring means flowers, pastels, and a beautiful suit, which is why Pharrell will absolutely help your seasonal transition.

April showers got you down? Bradley Cooper’s smile is like those lamps that make you feel less sad.


Um, Theo James looks like he’s absolutely ready for a New England Memorial Day jaunt. All you have to do is pack the picnic.


Sun’s out, guns out! Nick Jonas’s beautiful arms will embrace you just as much as Summer does.


Come July, you’ll surely be aching for a tropical getaway, and shirtless Joe Manganiello is the perfect accessory.


Speaking of hot shirtless guys, Charlie Hunnam will bring plenty of heat into whatever you have going in August.


As you ease into Fall, Liam will help you cope with the pain of not being able to seeshirtless guys whenever you want. Because, you know, he looks good in that tank top.


Nothing captures the brooding, sultry mood of October like one Justin Theroux.


Need someone adorable to bring home for Thanksgiving? Here, you can haveChanning Tatum.


As the year winds down, you’ll need someone hot and introspective to help you close it out. Kit Harington is the perfect candidate.